Enjoying working with Revenizer. These guys really know their stuff!
    Revenizer has proven to be the easiest way to get our digital marketing programs organized and working.

The next steps on setting you up on the Support Plan are:

  • Review and assessment of your digital marketing using our proprietary framework

  • Identify the biggest improvement opportunities

  • Schedule a review call with your dedicated consultant and plan the next steps

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  • Phil Rogers, Revenizer Founder
    Digital marketing is complex. Our assessment helps you prioritize and focus on the areas that will generate the biggest return.

    Phil Rogers, Founder Revenizer
    Phil Rogers, Revenizer Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

We review all publicly available data to complete your assessment. This includes web and social channels. It is helpful if you can send an example of your marketing emails and your list size.

What happens after reviewing the digital marketing assessment and plan?

You can decide that you would like us to help execute your plan. There is no obligation, though.

What will I get if I take you up on this offer?

We will send your a one page report with a grade out of 100 for each for the seven areas of necessary focus for a successful digital program. The report will also include a three month marketing plan. One of our consultants will review the report by phone.

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